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When it comes to staying entertained whether you’re just bored or stuck at home with nothing to do as time continues to pass, optical illusions and other things of the sort can come in handy. As of late, it seems like many people have turned to ‘find the ____’ images, and well, this one might finally be the one you fail at.

This picture seems like a mere empty park but that’s not necessarily the case. It in many ways turns into a puzzle as you spend more and more time trying to find the dog in the picture. I know, looking at it there really doesn’t seem to be one but it is there. While it took me a long time I did manage to find it without cheating or looking for the answer and perhaps you can as well.

Have you found the cutie yet? He or she is definitely where you’d least expect. If you’re still looking here is a hint, he or she is a much smaller breed than you’d expect. You’re looking for a pug.

Have you found the dog yet? take a minute or two to clear your mind and come back to the photograph again. Don’t bother looking to the left, focus on the bench.

Well, if you’re tired of looking take a peek below to see where this little creature was hiding. I’m sure you’ll be kicking yourself in the rear end after seeing it. He or she really did find the perfect spot to sit.

Do you see the dog now? That little pup is sitting behind the bench just visible through the hole. While you can’t quite see him/her well through the hole in the arm of the bench from a distance the closer you get the easier this dog becomes to see.