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There are tons of different brain teasers circling the web and some are a bit more frustrating than the rest. Chances are you’ve spent a good bit of time on at least a couple over the past few months, right?

One puzzling image seems to have gone right over the heads of many and takes a lot longer to figure out than you’d assume. In this image you will see a crowd of girls but hidden somewhere among them is a boy. While he may not look the exact same as the girls, until you’ve finally seen him he might prove to be a bit tricky.

Take a look at the image below and see if you can find him within just a few seconds. It seems to take most people at least 5-7 (seconds) and leaves them all ready to kick their own rear ends. Did you find him?

Now, if you think you’ve found him then you most likely have. As I mentioned above, once you’ve found him there is no going back. For those who may still be wondering he is in the bottom left corner just above the last girl. Unlike the girls in the image, he is missing the bow and bun that really sets him apart.

This kind of thing can be made as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. For instance, if the creator of this image wanted it to be harder he/she would have added in more girls and made those trying to find the boy look harder, right? Images like this have been around for years and years. They are something many people look at to pass the time. Chances are when you were younger you played ‘I spy’ with friends and family, this is essentially the same thing when you really break it down.

These ‘spot the object’ illusions can really help pass time and are quite entertaining, to say the least. Do you like playing these ‘games’ or do they get under your skin? I for one love them and cannot stop until I’ve found what I am looking for. If you enjoy these kinds of puzzles feel free to check out the video below (or click here) and see how many you can get right in a timely manner. You might be surprised at how hard some of them actually turn out to be, I know I was!

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