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Animals overall seem to do a lot better at blending in than we give them credit for. Sure, some are easy to spot but depending on where they are, finding them is no easy task.

Online there are always tons of pictures circulating of ‘find this’ or ‘can you spot that’ and well, those pictures can be quite frustrating. These are even more-so frustrating in my opinion as they seem to take a lot more time to figure out than most. These pictures not only puzzle our minds but they really get on our nerves the longer it takes us to figure out where what we’re looking for is.

As you’d assume the animals in the pictures below are ‘hidden in plain sight.’ While most assume they can find them quickly that’s rarely the case. These animals are in the perfect spots and seem to literally be camouflaged with their surroundings. How many can you find right off the bat?

In this one there is a snake, somewhere… but where?

SPOT THE SNAKE!See if you can locate the Snake in this photoExtra points for anyone that can also successfully identify it!

Posted by Snake Catcher Northern Rivers 24/7 on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

It took me far too long to find this precious dog.

Where is the leopard?

Just how many tigers do you see?

Is there really a cat hidden somewhere in this one?

What animal is hidden in this picture?

What exactly is trying to scope out this deer?

Now, if you’re struggling to figure these out perhaps some hints may help. While we’re not going to give you the answers we can help you out a bit. For the first one, the snake is somewhere between the middle trees.

In the second one, the dog is somewhere very near the bench and in the one, with the deer, you should be focusing on the top left corner of the picture. Have you now at least figured these three out? I know there are more than that but if you look hard enough you can figure out the rest. While finding the cats can be a bit of a task, you can do it.

How many were you able to find? I did find them all but I’m a bit embarrassed about how long it took. Things like this are always a lot of fun, but we should try not to let them get to under our skin.