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Telepathy is something a lot of people dismiss as something impossible but truly awakened individuals know all too well how real it is. Telepathy is the ability to speak to others without the use of your words, and instead using your mind.

Being able to call others with your mind is something you have to really work hard at. Before you are able to do this, you have to really allow your energies to grow. Now, in order to build these energies, you also have to build connections.

The more connected you are with a person, the easier it will be to send them messages and call them with your mind. Spend time allowing your energies to be with this person and through this they will grow. The more you uncover with this person the more your energies will become defined.

You see, the more time you spend with others the more aligned with their vibrations you become. This makes it easier for you to tell them things without words and makes it easier for them to understand what is being said without words. This goes hand in hand with things like being able to tell whether someone is okay or not without them saying anything, as you can sense the vibration emanating from their spirit.

Engaging in meditative practices will also serve as a building block for opening the waves of communication. This is something you will have to practice doing. In your meditative state call on your energies to make a connection with the energies of someone else. Using your mind’s eye, see the light string that ties the two of you together no matter how far apart you are. Think of what you want to say in your call and send it.

In doing this, that person may suddenly feel different, have that specific thing pop into his or her head, or even instantly feel like he or she needs to get in contact. Your mind is much more powerful than you realize. It can do a lot and really allowing your spiritual self to grow will unlock a lot of doors within the mind.

(Image Via: Pixabay)