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Miracles for those who might not be aware are surprising and welcome events that occur but cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws. They are considered to be a work of divine agency.

A National Geographic video featuring Morgan Freeman has in recent years gone over how Buddhist see miracles in general and for them, miracles are much different than most would assume. In this video, Freeman speaks with a very wise Buddhist monk on the topic of miracles and asks him whether or not he performs miracles. The monk says that he doesn’t perceive miracles in that manner and really breaks things down.

To this monk, miracles are not getting what you want when the odds are against you. They are things we can perform ourselves. We can work through the world and the power the universe has offered to us to provide miracles to ourselves and to others. This monk noted that there are only three real miracles in this life and whether we realize it or not.

These are the three things we need the most, and so they in themselves are miracles. We don’t need to accomplish unreal things in order for a miracle to happen. Miracles are smaller acts than you’d think, but they happen in some of the most marvelous ways.

Through these three things and sharing them with others we can transform our own minds and bring forth a lot of change for the people around us. The more we put our minds to the more we can do. While many people fail to see the point behind this,, those who are ready in their life paths will embrace it properly.

The fact that this monk was so open and willing to really get close to Freeman during the time they together spoke volumes. Regardless of your beliefs, you can still benefit from the points made in the Buddhist ways of living and thinking. We can do so much more than we realize and this whole video should serve as a reminder for each of us that just because it might not seem like it is a big deal, it could be changing someone else’s world.

This video also goes over the journey of enlightenment that the original Buddha went through and through that, all who watch will gain a better understanding of the Buddhist faith in general. How do you feel about all of this? I for one find it to be truly marvelous. We all hold our own personal power and feeding into that power will work wonders in our lives.

Miracles are a lot easier to perform than you’d think. You can bring miracles into your life and the lives of those around you if you truly want to. Be the best version of yourself and really work to be there for the people in your life. Make sure everything is as it should be.