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Uranus will be going direct on the 6th of January and with that, there is a lot of energies to come. Some are going to be dying down while others have only just begun.

As this occurs we will all be feeling the different energies as they move forth. You may begin feeling out of place and as if something uncomfortable is weighing down on you. You will be ready to move forth and let loose in some of the most unexpected ways.

Below I am going to go over some different things each zodiac signs should be expecting in the time to come as these energies come into play. Uranus going direct is a very transformative situation that will really push you up and out of your shell whether you want it to or not. Chaos might not be ideal for you but it is something you will not be able to avoid.


You’re going to be struggling to hold your own during this time but you need to do your best. Through trying not to butt heads with those in charge you might see great success at work and move up a lot further. While you’re going to be a little frustrated and might have to bite your tongue it will all be worth it. Don’t let the small things get to you.


You’re going to be working on laying the foundation for something amazing. During this time you’re going to feel as if something great is headed your way and that is because you are right. The fruits of your labor are about to pay off. The more creativity you show the further you will get, really come out of your shell.


You’re going to seriously be putting all of your efforts in one place for once. While you will be a little down and out, everything you’re going through will push you to where you need to be. Just make sure you’re doing the things you’re doing for the right reasons the energies before us can be quite confusing.


You’re going to be facing confrontation head on and with good reason. All of the things you normally run from will be something you finally come to terms with. While this could be a good or a bad thing if you make the most of it everything will play out fine. These energies are going to have you ready to give your all for even the most unexpected reasons.


You’re going to be looking for solutions in the days to come. These energies are going to be having you seriously looking back and focusing on the things that you’ve gone through in the past. Perhaps now is the time to let those demons out of your closet for good and come to terms with them.


You’re going to be cleaning out your life during this time because these energies are going to renew you in ways you never thought possible. You will be resolving issues emotionally and physically which is never easy. Remember to be as strong as possible during this time, there is nothing weak about asking for help.


You’re going to be learning how to better understand yourself during this time. For quite a while now you’ve been lacking a serious sense of trust in regards to yourself. All of that is about to change, trust in the universe and see where you end up.


You’re about to be cutting some people out of your life and it isn’t going to be easy. During this time these energies are going to be giving you a plan to go forward with and you’re going to be seeing things as they truly are. This could be a seriously frustrating situation all around but is one you need to make it through.


You’re about to become much more stable than you have been in the previous months. As time passes these energies are going to show you that the situation you’re currently in is not where you need to be and you will finally see the path home. Don’t leave things on a messy note, be kind. This could be changing jobs or leaving a lover but either way will not be fun for anyone.


You’re about to be given a lot more responsibility to take on. While you’ve been waiting for quite some time now for this to happen, you never expected it to be this easy. Focus on stability and try to listen to your instincts more. These energies might be helping you but they can also smother you in some ways.


You’re about to be looking at the way you see things and realizing that perhaps your way is not the only way. During the time that these energies are before you, you’re going to be questioning yourself a lot. Don’t bother trying to fight it. This needs to happen.


You’re going to be quite the mess while these energies are before you. Spend some time on your own relaxing and winding down. Through self-care, you will make it through what is to come just fine.

Image via The Terrier and Lobster