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Body language refers to the nonverbal signals that we all use to communicate with one another. These nonverbal signals make up a huge part of our daily communication.

As toddlers, we start to learn how to use language to express the way that we are feeling, our needs and desires, and the things that upset us or make us feel uncomfortable. This focus on the importance of verbal communication carries through into our education system, with educators focusing on public speaking, language development and the necessary skills for children to identify and express the way that they are feeling using their words. There is, however, another important side of communication that is often overlooked – Nonverbal communication.

Through the way we sit, our hand gestures, the speed we talk, whether or not we make eye contact, etc. we are able to express a number of different feelings including anger, comfort, nervousness, power, and much more. In fact, it is said that we can even express our wealth and social status through the body language that we portray.

The following body language test is meant as nothing more than fun. Do you know when someone is hiding something from you? Let’s see!

Woman 1:

The open palms indicate that this person is an open book. Although there are some people who talk with their hands on purpose, most people do it unknowingly. All in all, this woman is not lying to you!

Woman 2:

This woman’s body language indicates that she has a very suspicious nature. Her nervous ticks indicate that she is ready to deceive you, or at the very least, tell a white lie. When people use nervous ticks, they are usually hiding something from you. Be careful!

Woman 3:

This is a woman who is particularly interested in conversation. She is a natural listener and is evaluating everything that you say. The way she rests her chin upon her hands is telling you this. She is listening to every word that you say.

Woman 4:

Her body language screams liar! Experts have noted that when a person covers their mouth with their hand it means he or she is hiding something or not telling the truth.

How did you do!? Are you a body language expert? Let us know is the comments section.

All pictures in this article come from Fabiosa.