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While we might look to the stars for some things, most people are not aware of how in-depth astrology can get. We all have way more than one sign and the more you dive into when it comes to this type of thing, the more you will find.

You might be surprised to learn that not every sign/aspect that deals in astrology are linked with a celestial body. Some are more-so tied up to/with certain points. For instance the Black Moon Lilith, this not to be confused with the asteroid Lilith, is a very powerful point that can reveal to us why we feel certain ways and what things we are repressing in general. When in different signs, everything about BML changes and you will either be uncomfortable or completely free in all possible ways.

To figure out what sign your BML was in during the time of your birth all you need to do is generate a natal chart using your birth time, date, and location. The more you work with your natal chart the more you will learn about yourself and how you are going to be moving forward in this life. Your BML holds great meaning and symbolizes the power and needs we all have locked away within our minds and bodies.

The name Lilith in itself is already quite special as it was the name of the original woman made for ‘Adam’ when you look to biblical terms. When she would not give up her rights and basically bow down to her ‘man’ she was cast out and thus Eve came forth. Lilith in a lot of ways represents darkness but also finding yourself through all that is before you. The longing that comes with understanding her more is quite an interesting feeling.

Your BML is linked greatly to the things you feel shame for. For instance, if you are a Scorpio you most likely have at some point felt shame for your need of contact or your jealous mind. While these are things you cannot necessarily help, your mind will not allow you to wrap your head around that. You desire to be with someone who is attached at the hip and unable to leave, Lilith does not judge you for this.

Cafe Astrology wrote as follows in regards to BML:

 Saturn is the biggest indicator of traits that we feel uncomfortable with, and Lilith is another such indicator – less so but still very revealing.

The key to resolving these issues is to accept and face them and then finding ways to integrate these traits in palatable ways in our lives. It’s about taking back areas of fear.

Is Lilith an indicator of a person’s sexuality? 

No, not explicitly. However, it can certainly point us to areas where we’re repressed or feel that are taboo or shameful, and some work through these issues in their sex lives, so like many astrological points, Lilith contains some shades of sexuality. For example, there can be domination themes with Lilith in Aries or Libra, ownership issues with Lilith in Taurus and Scorpio, and so forth. However, if you’re looking for how a person may act in bed, look to Venus, Moon, and Mars first, Eros next, and so forth.

To learn more about your BML click here. What do you think about all of this? Does your BML rule over more than you imagined it would?