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February is going to be an interesting month that much we already know to be true as things are beginning properly. With Black Moon Lilith in Aries right now a lot of things are headed our way.

Now, for those who do not know Black Moon Lilith is known as the Goddess of Darkness but is seemingly a mathematical point in space. It is associated with death, obsession, addiction, transformation, and other things of the sort. Black Moon Lilith is connected deeply with the moon and while not a solid planet, it is a very powerful point.

Now, as we move towards the full moon Black Moon Lilith herself is also quite close to both Venus and Chiron. Chiron is currently in Aries with Black Moon Lilith but Venus will not quite be there in Aries until February 7th. These celestial beings as they become closer and closer to one another on the night of the full moon will be putting off some intense energies.

Pheonixia Astrology wrote as follows in regards to the things we will be facing soon:

February has some aspects that will last the entire month, and some of these may be familiar for readers of the January forecast. First, we have Black Moon Lilith conjunct Chiron in Aries. This aspect denotes some intense hidden shadow work that we will be forced to confront, and of the wounds we bear from that which we hide from others. This is all coming to the surface now globally, and we can expect truths coming to light to be burnt away. What is taboo and forbidden will be in focus, as well as that which is intuitively beneficial but socially frowned upon. Our inner intuition can be used to foster deep healing this month, but this may be unsettling to those who have become accustomed to our more “conventional” or “obedient” sides.

Another month-long aspect is Chiron in Aries semisextile Uranus in Taurus. Just like last month, the wounded healer in a more active and fiery sign of the Ram will be playing into the upheaval and sudden changes from the planet of revolution in the more stable sign of the Bull, and we will be seeing some corrections, wounding, and healing when it comes to our finances and resourcefulness as it contends with our egos and identities. Semisextiles trigger events from what I’ve seen, so we can expect further upheavals and sudden changes in fortune. This can also denote upticks in fortune and money, so some people will be seeing some fruitful times, perhaps at a cost, or perhaps the cost has already been paid.

Just before the peak of the full moon, we will be facing on the 8th-9th these three celestial beings will be within a few degrees of one another and because of that we will be working to heal our relationships and coming to terms with the negative things in life. These feminine energies will be helping us to express ourselves more properly and really bringing out some interesting emotions for each of us. Whether we are in need of healing ourselves or working to help other people heal, this time period will be quite the change for us all. 

What do you think about all of this and will you be making the most of these energies as they come forth? For more information on how this might affect you please check out the video below. Embracing these things will really help all of us to grow more properly.