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If you haven’t heard of black magic petunias yet, you’re in for a treat. These dark little flowers are more than enough to add a pop of darkness to your garden and bring an interesting mood to your home.

As someone who loves unique plants, these black magic petunias really caught me off guard. They are so dark and different that they almost don’t even look real. While some black petunias do have a bit of striping the ‘black magic’ ones have none at all and well, they’re mesmerizing in every possible way.

Romence Gardens & Greenhouses wrote as follows describing these specific petunias on their website:

‘Black Magic’ is a truly black petunia with a new enhanced growth habit. Its deep black velvety color makes a unique statement in the garden. Its vigorous growth will quickly fill in hanging baskets, pots, and combination planters.

While you might not see them at places like Walmart or Home Depot, if you do come across some or decide to order some they won’t disappoint. When the sunlight hits them they look almost purple but otherwise, they’re extremely dark. Whether you’re obsessed with bright colors or not, adding a few of these dark beauties to your garden or home won’t be a bad idea at all. Not only are they extremely dark, but they also look like velvet overall.

These interesting plants are not hard to keep and seeds for them can be found on lots of different websites online. They like many other flowers love the Sun and need lots of it so leaving them out usually isn’t an issue. They bloom in spring, late spring, summer, and late summer which also means you’re going to gain a flower that you can see through basically all the warmer months if you add this one to your home.

From the first moment, I saw these marvelous things my inner teenage self was screaming. I knew I needed them and hope to plant some very soon. While a lot of people might assume they would be too dark and throw off the general mood of a person’s garden, that does not seem to be the case. Regardless of what they’re placed near they always seem to bring out the most in what’s around them.

Now, according to Garden Crossings, the black magic petunia is an upgraded version of the black velvet petunia as it holds more true to its color. This interesting plant only stands about 8-12 inches tall and is perfect for just about anyone who likes black flowers. Sure, phantom petunias are gorgeous as well but I don’t think they can hold a candle to these black magic beauties.

People all over the internet are falling in love with these dark flowers and as you can see, there is a reason for that. What do you think about these black magic petunias? Would you plant them in your garden?