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Winged creatures of all kinds can be found in most places; however, when we start to see them over and over the universe is trying to tell you something. Are you receiving the messages you are being sent?

Animals can be spirit guides, totem animals, and most are associated with a God or Goddess from ancient times. When we encounter them we should not ignore their presence, we should take in what they are bringing to us and really receive their wisdom. While there are tons and tons of different kinds of winged creatures I am only going to be going over the 14 most commonly seen as they are often the ones sending out these ‘omens’ be them bad or good.

14 Winged Creatures and The Messages They Hold:

1. Swallow

Swallows are associated with happiness and protection. If you find yourself noticing them out of the blue, love is being spread around you. According to Ancient Roman tales, the swallow as an animal spirit was quite lucky and is thought to have carried with it the souls of children who had been lost/passed.

When you see a swallow you should try to pay better attention to the people around you. It could be telling you to listen and comes to teach us that we can use our thoughts to bring about change. It will bring with it a very creative energy.

2. Raven

First off for anyone who may think that ravens and crows are the same things they are not. Ravens are associated with pause and when we see them they are telling us that we need to take a moment to really let things sink in. They make us aware that we are about to learn a very important lesson.

Ancient Greeks actually trusted Ravens to carry messages from the Divine. They are thought to be able to boost our powers of observation and are some of the smartest birds in nature, easily. While a lot of people think that they are associated with death they are but they aren’t. They can bring messages from the spirit world but do not warn us of our demise.

3. Hawk

When you notice a hawk it is most likely making you aware of a new level developing within you. Hawks are often messengers from Angels. They are sent to inspire us to work harder and remain positive.

In the Native American tradition, the hawk itself is seen as a guardian of the Earth itself. You should stop and take in his or her presence when you notice one. We do not see these animals often and they always bring with them a sense of power.

4. Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are associated with joy and lightness. When we see them they are often working to lift us up out of the negative things we are facing. They remind us that life is short and that we should enjoy the small things.

5. Bat

When you are seeing bats it is a sign that your higher self is working with you to do something amazing. You see bats are far more nurturing and kind than most people realize. They are a good example of why we should not judge based on appearance. Bats are guides in many ways and if you notice one hanging upside down you may be receiving a message of rebirth.

6. Owl

Owls are associated with intuition and change. If you notice an owl you should definitely be aware that there will be something changing in your life. While traditionally they are thought to be announcers of death not everyone believes that. The presence of an owl could merely be pointing you to a transformation or transition.

7. Peacock

Peacocks are often associated with things like beauty, self-love, self-confidence, and other things of the sort. When we notice these creatures randomly we are being reminded to not get caught up in the ‘good’ aspects of life to the extent where we forget that there are negative sides to everything. It is pushing you to embrace yourself and love who you are all the while not becoming arrogant.

In Egypt, the peacock itself was associated with the sun god and the eye of Horus. It is mentioned in many cultures and holds deep meaning for them all. If you see a peacock in your dreams or in your everyday life it is a good omen.

8. Vulture

If you see a vulture it is asking you to be patient with yourself and reminding you that you should always think things through. Vultures are associated with things like loyalty, seriousness, thought, and innovation. They come with purification energies and will help you through any situation you are facing. You might think they are gross and ugly but they are also not what they seem.

9. Crow

If you notice a crow it is most likely reminding you that you need to pay attention to your thoughts. It is letting you know that you need to take a step back and reassess things. In some cases, they can also be telling you that you are going to become disappointed if you do not change your current course.

10. Rooster

The rooster is an animal most people overlook. That being said, it too can carry a message. If you notice a rooster it may be reminding you that you need to stop being so prideful. They are strongly associated with ego and curiosity.

11. Eagle

When an eagle comes into your life you should be pushing yourself more. This is a reminder that you need to be patient with the present, but also that you should stretch your limits. The eagle is letting you know that if you work hard enough you too can take flight.

12. Bluebird

Bluebirds always hold good messages. They are a sign that good things are in store for you and they act as a reminder that happiness is headed your way. They should be seen as a reminder that through more time in nature you can connect more with your spiritual self. It is also thought that angels may come in the form of bluebirds to bring messages to each of us in different ways.

13. Dove

Doves are often associated with peace and come into our lives to soothe our worries. They teach us that no matter what circumstances we come from peace is possible. They represent a lot more than most people realize. If you notice a dove it might be trying to tell you that you need to remember to breathe, you will get through what you are facing.

14. Robin

Robins symbolize new growth and renewal. If you are seeing robins you need to learn to become more independent in your life. You need to let go of something that is holding you back.