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Bill Gates recently had a large, 2,100-acre land purchase to be legally approved. This legal approval was followed by a wave of outrage due to a few different concerns that people have about this activity.

To most, it might not sound like a big deal. A massive purchase of land made by a billionaire isn’t particularly news. Gates already is the largest private owner of farmland across America, owning 270,000 acres of farmland across the country.

However, this purchase was made on farmland in North Dakota. According to Depression-era laws, corporations and LLCs are limited on farmland purchases that take place in that region. North Dakota’s Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring went onto a television station recently and explained that they weren’t exactly thrilled about it.

“I’ve gotten a big earful on this from clear across the state, it’s not even from that neighborhood. Those people are upset, but others are just livid about this,” Goehring said.

However, the state’s Attorney General Drew Wrigley says that the purchase complies with laws.

North Dakota residents aren’t the only ones outraged, though. Charlie Kirk, founder, and president of Turning Point USA a conservative movement said, “Bill Gates just bought 2,100 acres of farmland in North Dakota, adding to the 270,000 acres he inexplicably owns throughout the US. China also just bought 300 acres there, adding to the 192,000 acres of US Soil in their portfolio …and no one seems to care. Why do we allow this?”

Another, Jeffrey Ventre said, “Bill Gates just won legal approval to buy 2,100 acres of North Dakota farmland worth $13.5M.

“This isn’t the 1st time; he’s amassed nearly 270k acres of farmland & is already the largest private owner of farmland in America #LateStageCapitalism #systemfail”