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When thinking of Betty White, it’s nearly impossible not to smile. She is and has been an icon for years, and good reason. This month, she celebrates her 99th birthday, and in celebration of that, here are her biggest secrets to living a long life.

Betty White has been in the spotlight for around 80 years, and as it stands, her career continues to this day. She is most known for her witty comedy and fun spirit she adds to all of the roles she has played in, but honestly, I love reading her interviews more than anything. Why?

Her advice is timeless, and at the age of 99, it’s obvious she is doing something right. Here are my favorite pieces of advice and the secrets she has given for living a happy and healthy life at 99 years of age.

1. Maintain positivity.

During an interview with Parade, she explained, “Enjoy life. Accentuate the positive, not the negative. It sounds so trite, but a lot of people will pick out something to complain about rather than to say, ‘Hey, that was great!'”

2. Keep busy.

On her journey to continuously find meaning, especially later in life, she explained to Katie Couric “First of all, keep busy. And don’t focus everything on you, that wears out pretty fast. It’s not hard to find things you are interested in, but enjoy them and indulge in them, and I think that can keep you on your toes.”

3. Make yourself useful.

In 2014, White told Harper’s Bazaar that most people view aging in a very “dim” light. “They’re always looking for the young people coming up, which I understand. But make yourself as useful as possible, and they will find a place for you too!”

4. “Don’t give up.”

When White discovered her love or performance in high school, she persisted. She began making rounds at the movie studios in her 20s, and she said she has turned down time and time again for not being photogenic. But she persisted. “You just keep plugging away, you don’t give up.”

5. Vodka.

White has voiced that she loves vodka on more than one occasion. She has spoken to Parade and explained that vodka was essential to a happy life. When speaking with David Letterman, she explained that her free time is spent mainly with animals, and also that “vodka’s kind of a hobby.”