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Being an obsessive or crazy girlfriend overall might make you feel like you’re just overly caring and putting your all into someone, but that’s not the case. If you’re what someone would call the ‘psycho’ girlfriend’ you need a reality check and stat!

There is nothing wrong with showing your lover that you care for them, but boundaries are something you should always have in your relationship. Trying to ensure your partner feels stuck and as if you’re the only person in control of his or her life isn’t something to brag about. It’s gross, manipulative, and above all else abusive.

When you’re in a relationship you should be able to trust your partner and both of you should be free and able to do the things you need to do in your day to day lives. Neither of you should feel like or be treated like property that belongs to the other. Regardless of your romantic status, you are both still your own people, period.

Don’t break things, hit one another, or scream in each other’s faces as if it’ll be the answers you need to make things work. Lashing out in this manner will never do anyone any good. If you and your partner are unable to sit down and talk things out properly you’re both fighting a losing battle with one another. You will as lovers both have to compromise from time to time in order to remain on the same page and while there is nothing wrong with that you must ensure you are giving just as much as your partner is rather than taking all you can find and refusing to put your efforts on the table, to begin with.

Of course, you might be emotional sometimes and there might be things that happen within your relationship that make you feel completely broken or ready to explode but being willing to give yourself time to cool down and address things properly is the difference between simply diving into attacking others and hearing them out properly. You can’t make someone become another person, you either accept them as they are or make them miserable while you’re together and being making others miserable shouldn’t be an option. If you really love and care about your partner, you will treat them with the respect that they deserve.

Instead of wondering if you’re going to freak out over the smallest things your partner should be happy and comfortable around you. Why is it that in this day and age we have decided that being cruel and without empathy is a good thing? When it comes to the people who matter the most in our lives we should be promoting positivity and trust within our connection. Through this, we can and will nurture one another rather than beating one another down.

Don’t lock your lover out of the house and expect him or her to still stay by your side. You will not be able to hold anyone down when all you’re doing is holding them back and wasting their time. Instead of being a psycho girlfriend, be a caring partner.

Abuse regardless of where it’s coming from is not okay, and we should not be hopping on this trend of normalizing it.