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While I wasn’t necessarily excited about becoming an aunt when I did everything changed. Being an aunt is a wonderful thing and when you become one you will understand exactly what I mean.

As my little niece grew up I learned more about myself than I have ever imagined I would. She showed me how to care more about others, and she made me realize that I don’t have to have my own children to feel as though I have someone to take care of. As an aunt, I get the best of both worlds. I get to spend time with my niece and spoil her but I also get to give her back to her mom and dad.

I get to do all the fun stuff with her and also help her when she needs me the most. She might not be able to turn to her mom or dad when she’s trying to find a ride home from a party, but she can always reach out to me. While I will keep our trust properly if things go too far in the wrong direction she knows that I as her aunt have to do what’s best for her, and she listens to my advice in ways no one else ever has. The connection I have with this amazing little girl is truly like nothing else. 

I remember when she was just a few years old hearing her backtalk, yes she was quite the sass-master in her younger years always made me burst out laughing and while her parents weren’t too fond of it, it reminded me of myself. It’s crazy how much like me someone could be who didn’t come out of my womb. She always knew I was going to get her the best gifts because I knew her the best, and we were always able to communicate on a level that I don’t think she got from other people. 

I never realized how easy it would be to love the offspring of a sibling but, it was. I didn’t have to get to know her, as soon as I saw her I knew I was going to do whatever I had to do to make sure she was happy and cared for. She through the good and bad points in my life always stayed the same, and she lifted me up in more situations than she probably even realizes now that she’s all grown up.

I wonder how she remembers me as her aunt and if she thinks I did a good job being there for her. While I did my best and I know she loves me I am not inside her head, and she is nothing like that little girl I helped raise so many years ago. Sure, her favorite cookies are still the same but everything else has changed. 

The worst part of being an aunt is the fact that your nieces and nephews grow up. They don’t stay small forever and you have to learn to let go of them as time permits. I am so glad I was able to be as close as I was with my niece and I know no matter what she will always be a very important person to me.