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We as human beings put up with far more than we should from other people. We do not deserve to be treated badly, period.

I know, being single and on your own is not easy, but sometimes it is better than sticking by someone who does nothing but tears you down. You deserve a life full of happiness and love, not pain and suffering. You should not be letting other people hold you back, period.

Bad relationships are confusing and hard to get out of, I know, but that doesn’t mean you should remain stuck in them forever. If someone is not treating you well, you need to do what you can to find a way out. Sure, it might be scary, but you can do it.

We shouldn’t be afraid of being on our own, we should be afraid of spending our lives with someone who doesn’t actually care about us at all. You shouldn’t be going to sleep crying at night, and you shouldn’t be waking up wondering what mood your partner is going to be in today. Things should be better, but they won’t be until you move on and spend some of your time finding yourself.

No, you won’t ever be completely back to the person you were before all of this, but you will find yourself more and more with each day that passes. Relationship problems are bound to happen but if what you think is love, is tearing you apart something is wrong. Love is not as toxic as people make it out to be, only false love is.

There is someone out there in this world for you, someone who will show you all that you deserve. You will find that person one day and everything you have been through will melt away, but until that day, why force yourself to go through the things you’re experiencing?

You can get through the things before you, but you must be strong. Life throws us lots of ups and downs, but at the end of the day, you are capable of coming out on top. Believe in yourself, above all else. Don’t stay in a bad relationship because you don’t know how to be single. Learn how to be single and see where life takes you.