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We go through a lot of relationships, but settling down and making things more-so set in stone with someone who isn’t worth our time will set us back more than we tend to realize. Sometimes we forget that it’s okay to just be single and embrace life as it is.

While there is a lot of pressure to settle down placed on us as we get older, that doesn’t mean we have to give in to that pressure. Just because everyone else your age is married with kids doesn’t mean you need to be. If you don’t want to settle down just yet, or you don’t feel like you’re able to find the right person right now, wait. Life is a lot longer than we tend to make it out to be, and you have time.

While it’s seemingly normal for people in this day and age to settle down in their early or mid-20s, that doesn’t mean it has to be something everyone does. It’s also normal to settle down in your 30s, and you’re not missing out in the ways you might think you are. Enjoy your youth and spend time doing whatever it is that makes you feel good, don’t dive into the first relationship that comes knocking on your door. 

Rather than settling down now with the first person you see, give yourself time to get to know the people you’re interested in. Work to understand them and make sure your values and goals line up properly so that once all is said and done, you don’t have to worry about breaking up or going through some kind of divorce down the line. It’s better to hold off on settling down than it is to settle down and be forced to start over when things go south. 

That having been said, if you’re with the right person now, and you’re ready to settle down, don’t hesitate. Do what you feel is best for you, and make sure you’re not just settling down because the world around you is pressuring you into it. If you want to be single for a few more years, and you have things you want to work on before you get into anything too serious, do exactly that. This is your life. 

You at the end of the day are the only person who can make your decisions. If you’re not ready to have kids or perhaps if you don’t want them at all, don’t have them. You’re not missing out or falling behind by taking care of yourself and working to live the life you feel is best for you.

If you settle for the wrong person now, you may make some pretty terrible decisions in the long-run. Waiting for something special is worth it and if you want to spend some time playing the field right now, so be it. You don’t have to be so quick to find love and force the pieces of your puzzle to fit into someone else’s.

For some people, settling down might not ever be something they’re interested in and that’s perfectly fine. We are all on our own paths in this world. Don’t be the person everyone else wants you to be, be the person you want to be.