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All too often in this world, people end up being afraid of being alone. While many of us are more than capable of being on our own just fine, we still cling to others for many different reasons.

Monophobia is something that refers to the fear of being alone. This kind of thing affects more people than you might realize and basically, those with it tend to have traumatic memories that go along with having been alone in their lives. Some of these people are afraid of being alone because they think perhaps something might happen to them when they are alone, or they are unable to cope with their own thoughts and feelings. Depending on the person this kind of thing can be quite severe or overly mild.

We all have our own reasons for our fears and those who fear being alone do it for many different reasons. Some of them might not understand it themselves but it is still something they tend to face. Whether it stems from an event in their childhood or just their hatred for loneliness as an adult doesn’t really matter all that much.

If you are someone who suffers from this kind of thing you need to work to overcome it as best you can. While it might not be easy, figuring out what things make you happy and working to reshape the way you think about your alone time might benefit you greatly. The more you’re able to keep yourself busy when you’re alone the more capable you may become of handling your time on your own.

You have to begin to understand why it is you’re afraid so that you can work through that in your own ways. For instance, if you’re afraid of being attacked in your own home when you’re alone you need to work to make your home safer overall and perhaps even improve your own combat skills so that you can defend yourself as needed if the situation for it comes up. In doing this, you will be able to overcome your fears as a whole. To learn more about this topic take a look at the video below.