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Sadly in this day and age, a lot of dads seem to have the wrong idea. They think that working hard and providing for their families should be their number one priority but to be honest, things are not quite that clear cut.

A real father knows that when it comes to keeping your kids happy and healthy you need to do more than just bring home a paycheck. You have to be there for them and spend time with them. While not all dads can spend a lot of time with their sons and daughters making time for the most important moments is crucial.

A real father won’t leave his wife or SO to deal with the kids, he will be there to help with homework, to eat dinner, to have those difficult discussions and to really settle things down when everyone is heated. A real father doesn’t jump ship and go to the office when he’s mad, he stays home and does all he can to make things work. He allows his family to remind him of who he is on the inside and is willing to show them sides of himself he doesn’t always remember exist.

While it might be exhausting to have to go the extra mile, to work his rear end off and still have more to do when he gets home, he makes it work. He compromises and sacrifices a lot of himself for those he loves the most and tries his best to teach his children how to be the best people they can be as they grow up in this world we call our own. He knows that wasting all of his time ignoring the people who want him around isn’t going to do anyone any good, and he knows how important those simple memories will be once he is old and wrinkled.

He sets an example for his daughters as to what they should look for in love and what should not be excepted and shows his sons first hand how to treat a woman. He raises them right and makes sure they are kind and caring. Respect holds high value in his home and is something everyone deserves.

While we do not all have the real fathers we deserve, those of us who are fortunate enough to have them do not seem to appreciate them as much as we should. He doesn’t lose his temper, he doesn’t lash out or call you names, he’s there for you in all possible ways and there is something special about that.

Do you know how many people wish they had a father like the one you have? There are people in this world who don’t get to feel safe by the side of someone who is going to be there for them unconditionally and that is something you should never forget. If you have a real father he would go to the ends of this Earth for you not everyone is as fortunate.