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When it comes to making sure you’re setting yourself up for a good night’s sleep you should always cleanse your energies before laying down to close your eyes. While most do not do this, everyone should and can benefit from it.

If you wake up at all hours of the night or never seem to get the deep rest you need this can help. Cleansing your energy field before you go to bed can promote positivity and keep you from sitting up thinking about the things stressing you out in your everyday life. While everyone cleanses in their own ways and can put their twists on this ‘ritual’ adding it to your life will help you be much more relaxed and at peace when you come to your awakened state each morning.

It is important to cleanse your energies before bed so that you’re not carrying anything into your dream state with you that will promote negative energies in your life. Below I am going to go over the ritual I use each night to cleanse myself and some of the tips I’ve noted as beneficial in regards. The longer you do this the more you will see the benefits. As someone who has been doing this for months now, I feel far more rested and content when I wake up each day than I have in the past. Energy work in itself is something everyone should try to educate themselves more on.

5-Minute Before Bedtime Energy Cleansing Ritual:

Step 1: Get Comfortable

Make sure your bed is a place you find comfortable. If your mattress is painful you’re never going to be able to really settle in. Make sure you have pillows that you like and are able to feel at ease when getting into bed.

Step 2: Pay Attention To Your Breathing

Take some deep breaths and really allow yourself to relax. Sit in bed as if you were meditating and do just that. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Really allow yourself to drift away.

Step 3: Visualization

Now, while still in your meditative state imagine a white light coming forth from within your body. Using your mind’s eye allow this light to radiate from inside of you pushing out all that is negative or holding you back. This white light is forcing out anything that might be holding your dream self-hostage.

Step 4: Let Go

Once you’ve done that for a few minutes make yourself aware that you are letting go of all that is bothering you and that you intend to get the best sleep you can so that your body and mind will become stronger. Send out one more pulse of light and then allow yourself to settle back down. From here you can lie down and go to sleep.

This doesn’t take long at all and for some isn’t even 5 minutes. The more you do this the more cleansed you will become. Shifting from one means to another is one of the best ways to really cultivate a more proper energy field.

For more information on negative energies and how to combat those you may find within your home please check out the video below. This kind of thing is something far too many overlook. When you feel like the world is against you, chances are your energy field needs to be taken into consideration. We are a result of what we allow before us. Promote positivity and positivity will find you.