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Trusting in the universe can be difficult in times of trouble, however, more often than not, we instinctively know that we should. Could it be that no matter how overwhelming times can become, we truly do understand that when we learn to let go that things will eventually work their way out?

It can be hard to trust the universe at times because we have all been hurt. We have all experienced heartache and loss, but that isn’t because we cannot trust the universe. When you think about it, all good things do eventually come to an end, however, it is in those endings that bigger windows are opened. And those big windows bring us new love, new jobs, and success.

It is only through endings that we are granted new beginnings, and that isn’t a tragedy, it is just the way the world works. And when we learn to accept this, a number of wonderful things take place in our life that change everything.

1. You Feel Optimistic About Life

When you learn to trust the universe it becomes easier to accept the things that would have once knocked us into a deep depression. Not only do we trust these things, but when can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

2. We Let Go of Our Past

For many of us, throughout our lives, we regret everything that ever happened to us in our past. We may continue to relive it over and over, thinking “What if?” However, when you learn to trust the universe, you finally escape the past with no intentions of going back.

3. You Begin to Embrace Life For What it Is

Instead of always worrying about the past, the present and the future, when you learn to trust, you can finally live. And the best part of living is the experience that makes it the amazing journey that we were born for.

4. You Learn to Trust Others

While it is impossible to trust everyone, when we have been hurt by people in our lives, we may lose our trust in EVERYONE. But, when we learn to trust the universe, and understand that life will eventually work itself out, our hearts begin to soften again for others.

5. You Will Understand the Importance of Needs Vs. Wants

When we trust in the universe, we begin to understand that the universe will give us what we need instead of what we want. At first, this may be frustrating, but as we mature, we will learn to not only embrace this aspect of the universe, but also to love it.

6. We Learn to Put Out Good Vibes

Trusting the universe means to become more observant of what takes place in our lives. By doing this, we can see karma in action. In turn, we may treasure our potential to put goodness into the world instead of negativity.

7. You Embrace the Law of Attraction

You are able to let go of your negative hangups, and learn to expect only great things. Of course, this is the law of attraction in action, which means that we manifest the energies we attract.

8. You Take Responsibility for Your Life

Our actions and choices are all that we have responsibility over. When we mess up, it is perfectly okay to admit to our mistakes so that the universe can move us forward to a better place.

9. Your Anxiety is Lifted

What better way to lift your anxieties than to learn to trust the universe? Instead of getting lost in worry, anxiety, and depression, when we learn to just trust that things will work out, it is as if a massive weight has been lifted from our shoulders.

10. Our Lives Become Easier

When we are constantly battling against the universe, our lives can become chaos. It is this very chaos that makes our lives depressing, difficult and ridden with heartache. Instead, learn to embrace your life for what it is.

11. You Can Do the Things that Make You Happy

Do you remember when you were a child and you did the things that you enjoyed the most only because they made you happy? Being an adult can take much of our enjoyment out of life. However, when we trust in the universe, we can begin once more to enjoy the things that we love most.

12. We Do Less, Yet Become More

As yet another trait of adulthood, we may often get lost in the shuffle of life. If we aren’t doing, we feel lazy, or as if we have wasted time. But, part of trusting in the universe is to learn that we don’t constantly have to be at work. Instead, we can take breaks, and fill in the gaps with truly productive activities. In the meantime, the universe will guide us in the right direction.