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While it is not always easy being single, sometimes it is better than being in a dead-end relationship. Stop closing yourself off from something great by remaining in a situation that is only going to hurt you in the long run.

Just because you’re not in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. We all find happiness in our own ways and that happiness must come from within ourselves, not someone else’s presence. Being alone is better than allowing someone to take advantage of you time and time again or going on one date after another only to find that most people in this period only seem interested in hooking up.

You will find someone someday when you are ready who will be there for you in all the right ways and who is capable of loving you properly but until then just enjoy yourself. Go out on your own or with friends, spend time with family and focus on the people who are actually there for you in this world. Being single isn’t as bad as most people make it out to be.

You get to do what you want, you get to spend your money on whatever you like, and you don’t have anyone trying to make your decisions for you. Sometimes being single is the way to go. You can be alone and still live a great life, wait until you find someone who is willing to prove themselves to you. Someone who will stand out above the rest and will really knock your socks off in all the best ways possible.

Being alone isn’t the end of the world and just because you’re not in a relationship doesn’t mean there are no people around you that you can rely on. There are still people who will be there to listen to you when you need them to. Your support system has always consisted of more than just a lover and always will.

Find someone who is proud of who you are and doesn’t want to change you. Someone that will show you he or she cares instead of just saying the words and hoping you fall into his or her trap. The people in this world might talk a big game but if they cannot back it up they don’t deserve your time or your efforts.

Caring about someone and showing them love is more than just buying them a gift when you mess up. It is apologizing and making real changes to grow as a person. You deserve someone willing to do all of that and more.

The sooner you come to terms with your worth the sooner you will realize that being on your own isn’t as bad as it is made out to be. You will realize that the single life is full of ups and downs that you can work through all the while without being in a romantic relationship. If your current partner doesn’t make you feel good, and he or she is more in control of your life than you are, you need to cut ties and move on.

You need to get back out there and find yourself properly before trying to find love again. When you truly love yourself everything else will fall into place. Believe that above all else, it is one of the ultimate truths this life has to offer us.