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We all face hard moments in life, but how we choose to deal with those hard moments matters. You can let your bad experiences either define you or you can move on from them and grow into a better person.

Life is too short to waste all of your time obsessing over things you cannot go back and change. Your childhood is not your ‘now.’ Just because someone treated you badly in the past does not give you an excuse to go around treating other people badly as well. Right now considering what we’re all facing we should be coming together at least on an energetic level and helping one another out and yet, we’re not.

Just because someone stole from you when you were younger does not mean you should be stealing from people now and just because there are people out there hoarding things does not mean you should also do the same. In this life, we might be able to come up with tons of excuses to be complete crap but none of those excuses actually excuse anything.

Instead of holding onto all of the negative things this world has thrown your way and blaming everyone else for the way you feel, take things into your own hands and make a difference. We are all capable of being truly good people in this world and the sooner we realize that the better. Sure, we might have our bad days from time to time but above all else, we should be kind and compassionate towards the people around us.

Right now we should all be working to learn from the things before us. While the times are hard, we are all very strong and capable. Even when the whole world is falling down, we can hold our own.

Stop treating things as if they’re all happening to dampen your day and consider the other people in this world. Not everything is about us and just because you feel bad doesn’t mean you should be making others feel bad as well. If you want a positive and happy life, promote that in others as well. You can’t move through life only ever saying mean things and expect others to compliment you.

When you work to change the way you look at things you’re also working to change the world. These changes happen on a small scale, but they affect things on a big scale. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Stop making excuses for why you are the way you are and make the changes you need to make in order to be a better version of yourself. You are capable of growth, that much I know to be true.