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There is nothing wrong with cutting specific people out of your life or limiting your exposure to them. Sure, it might not be easy but that doesn’t mean it’s ‘wrong.’

If someone is bringing you down and constantly upsetting you they don’t deserve your time or efforts. Removing them from your life is not as big of a deal as they may make it out to be. You don’t owe them any kind of explanation and spending time with them is only giving them more and more power over you.

Your emotional health matters just as much as your physical health. You wouldn’t keep spending time with someone who was constantly hitting or kicking you, would you? So why keep going around people who are throwing punches at you on an energetic level?

This world is full of toxic people and how we handle those toxic people matters a lot. The more we allow them to hold space in our lives the worse off we will be. Avoid those people all you want, you don’t owe them anything.

In regards to recognizing and cutting off toxic relationships Psychology Today wrote as follows:

Recognizing that you are in a toxic relationship is the first step to improving your mental health and the second step is leaving that toxic relationship but the final step to bettering yourself is making sure you are dealing with your internal mental and emotional trauma in a positive manner. Recognizing and acknowledging these feelings and behaviors that can soon develop after exiting a toxic relationship is an extremely important step in your journey to becoming mentally and emotionally healthy. If you feel like you cannot handle these feelings on your own, it is perfectly acceptable to seek help from a mental health professional.

When you move on from someone whether they were friends, lovers, family members or something else entirely surrounding yourself with positive people is the first step to getting back to normal. Don’t doubt your decision to get rid of them and put your own wellbeing before the wellbeing of anyone else. Take some time to really come to terms with the things you’re experiencing and from there move on.

Your feelings matter and the people who deserve to be in your life won’t be using them against you. When someone is constantly picking at you or throwing you under the bus you shouldn’t stand there and take it. You have to be willing to speak up for yourself.

The more you surround yourself with only people who care for you the more positive your environment overall will become. Instead of being stuck within the walls those toxic people created for you, you’re able to break free. Toxic people never give anyone any room to grow.

Cutting out someone who has always done you wrong is one of the wisest things you as a person can ever do. You are giving yourself more room to grow and making changes that need to be made. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.