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In recent times a serious breakthrough has been made. A new cowpox-style virus could change the way cancer affects this world, and we mean that in the most mind-blowing ways.

While it is on its way to clinical trials, everyone else is on the edges of their seats waiting to see just how things play out. Sure, when it comes to Petrie dishes this virus has shown great results, but we do not yet know how things will play out within the human body.

Cancer expert Professor Yuman Fong is engineering the treatment, which is being developed by an Australian company known as Imugene.

They hope to begin testing in breast cancer patients next year, among others. However, it is important to remember that success with mice does not ensure the virus will be successful in humans.

There have also been many concerns that the virus could be too toxic for humans and could turn fatal.

‘The problem was if you made the virus toxic enough to kill cancer you were worried it would also kill man,’ Fong said.

Shutterstock wrote as follows on the topic:

The treatment called CF33 has been found to shrink tumors in mice and it is hoped it will be trialed on Australian breast and other cancer patients early next year.

Engineered by US cancer expert Professor Yuman Fong, the treatment is being developed by Australia biotech company Imugene, which has licensed the innovation.

Professor Fong is in Australia this week to meet Imugene representatives and plan the clinical trials.

The so-called “basket study” to be run in Australia and other countries will enroll patients with triple-negative breast cancer, melanoma, lung cancer, bladder, gastric and bowel cancer.

Researchers believe this will show where the treatment is most effective faster than just testing in one cancer.

Professor Fong as mentioned above is very hopeful regarding how things will progress as time passes and with the time for these trials to begin coming up, anything is possible.

While in the past using viruses to kill cancer has been a bit controversial this one is much different. Because cowpox is not toxic within the human body it opens a lot of doors.

Nothing has been set in stone and this is just a clinical trial, but has the possibility for great things in the future.

For more information on this please feel free to check out the video below.

Article title updated to better reflect on what the study had to offer.

Article also updated without the following points as they were inaccurate.

‘This new virus was engineered by an Australian company, according to and is able to kill every known type of cancer thus far but has yet to be tried clinically.’

‘This virus that has been mixed with others to create something that can fight off and kill cancers of all kinds will be injected directly into the tumors of those with cancer. From here the virus would infect the cancer cells and make them ‘explode’ as Daily Mail has written and thus at the end leading to the demise of cancer within the body.’