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As August comes forth we’re about to be facing the full sturgeon moon. This will occur on the 3rd and honestly, its a moon we’ve been needing for a while now. 

Now, before we dive into the astrological side of things, let’s go over why this moon in specific is known as a full sturgeon moon. For those who do not know, this moon is named after the fish found in lakes and so forth across North America. They were long ago caught during this month more-so than others. Sure, this moon has other names as well, for instance, the red moon, the green corn moon, the grain moon, and even the barley moon but the surgeon moon is easily its most used name according to the Farmers Almanac.

Now, on the celestial side of things, this moon is a powerhouse for sure. It will be in the sign Aquarius which brings an intense energy with it. This moon will draw us all in and really bring us to a place where change is possible and unavoidable. It may leave some of us more on edge but overall will be quite positive as a whole. wrote as follows about the full moon in Aquarius:

This Full Moon occurs when the cooperative Aquarius Moon opposes the individualistic Leo Sun. This cosmic coupling allows us see the difference between satisfying ourselves (Leo) and collaborating with others (Aquarius), and helps us understand the relationship between teamwork and individuality. The community-conscious Aquarius Full Moon reminds us that we are part of something larger than ourselves, and that acting on our ideas and ideals will benefit everyone.

You’ll probably wonder where your invitation is because it’s always a party when the Full Moon is in Aquarius! Full Moons spark an increase in activity and energy, and Aquarius is one of the most outgoing signs in the zodiac. You’ll be more apt to let your hair down and have a good time during this fun-loving Full Moon.

This moon overall will bring forth some interesting events but not in the sense that we will be overwhelmed. Unpredictable will become a bit of a norm for us while these energies are here but that is not necessarily a bad thing and we should keep that in mind moving forward. I know, you’re probably tired of hearing about all the different things going on in the celestial world but man, 2020 has been intense. 

Astrology King wrote as follows on one of the more prominent aspects of this full moon:

Mercury opposite Saturn only five hours after the full moon means serious thinking, serious business, and serious discussions. Delays, lack of concentration, and difficulties in communication can cause frustration and disagreements. Pessimism, fear, bad news, the wrong handling of matters, or difficult decisions could lead to loneliness, sadness, or even depression.

Mean and harsh words, abruptness, criticism, mistakes, slander, lies, and nagging are possible. But negative thinking can make things seem worse than they really are.

Keep your messages simple and to the point to avoid misunderstandings. Extra care should be taken with important decisions and business deals. Seek professional or trusted advice if you must sign a contract.

However, critical thinking and the ability for deep research make this is a good moon phase for studying serious or occult subjects. Positive thinking, attention to detail, patience, and understanding are the keys to dealing with this challenging aspect.

While we should be cautious moving forward we shouldn’t squash the things before us. This moon will be one that really lightens the mood and allows us to finally manifest some of the things we’ve been needing. For more information on how this moon may end up affecting you take a look at the video below.