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August is finally here and with this, we are all beginning to feel a bit different than expected. Each of us will be going through things that we might not feel like we can handle but the stronger we remain the further we will end up once all is said and done.

Below I am going to go over what each sign should be expecting from the month of August as it continues forth. Some of these things will be overwhelmingly positive and others, not so much. That having been said, if you remain true to yourself and do your best to hold your own you will come out of all of this on the other end just fine.


The month of August is going to bring you to your knees in some of the worst possible ways. You’re going to be facing the end of something you’ve been working so hard towards. While everything has to come to an end at some point, this was nothing like what you had expected.


The month of August is going to reveal a lot to you. You are going to be evaluating the roles others play in your life and perhaps working to place distance where it is needed. Do not lose yourself in this process.


The month of August is going to make you really throw yourself into your work-life. Be as strong as possible but do know your limits. You are only human and overworking yourself will not do you any good.


The month of August is going to force you out of your comfort zone. You’re going to be making new decisions and getting out of your comfort zone. Remember that sometimes happiness has nothing to do with your social life and really do what is best for you above all else. Spending time out and about on your own might really do you some good.


The month of August is going to bring you to a place in your life where you feel like changes are necessary. You’re going to be working to really move forth in a direction you otherwise would not consider. This could be in regards to your home life or something else entirely, think everything through and go for your dreams.


The month of August is going to offer you a lot more than it is going to offer most others. You’re about to finally find something you’ve been waiting for. Hesitation is not something you need to have during this time. Dive right in to all that is before you and do not look back.


The month of August is going to really throw you off balance. Sure, things might seem fine but you’re beginning to burst at the seams and it’s going to show sooner or later. Reaching out to those around you who care for you might be your best bet in remaining as sane as possible.


The month of August is going to allow you to finally find the confidence you’ve been lacking. You are capable of so much more than you realize and it is time for you to really allow that thought to sink in. Everything in your life is going well and you’re finally where you want to be, embrace it.


The month of August is going to be a damning one for you. You’re going to be losing people you thought would be in your life forever and finding out that sometimes we are not quite what we seem. This reality check is one you’ve been needing but also one you will wish you never had to face.


The month of August is about to bring forth a lot of hope and happiness within your life. You are finally going to be seeing things from the right perspective and in a way that promotes positivity. Keeping this mindset is very important, do not break yourself down.


The month of August is all about progress and you’ve been making a lot of that already. Remain steady and determined as you continue on. The next few weeks are going to be hard but you can handle it.


The month of August is about to be quite an emotional experience for you. You’re going to be coming to terms with things you never thought you’d have to address and exploring yourself in ways you never considered doing. This is going to change you but for the better.