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Astrologers believe that the cycles and movement of the sun, the moon, planets, and the stars influence us deeply and outlines the course of our life. Moons are especially significant, and the upcoming new moon phase, paired with the disciplined and driven energy of Virgo is going to give us the exact vibe necessary to finally pull everything together.

Since April, we have endured retrograde after retrograde, leaving us torn to bits, rebuilt, and then torn to bits all over again. Everyone I know is feeling the immense energies of the Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune, Mercury, Chiron  Saturn, and now even Uranus retrogrades. In between these going retrograde, we also had two eclipses.

It’s safe to say, we’ve all had one hell of a year. But, the best thing that could happen, has finally happened and as someone who is a firm believer in astrology, I am totally about Virgo season. And even better, it’s the new moon. New moons translate to new beginnings and Virgo season is all about reassessing our lives, figuring out how we have changed, grown, and possibly overlooked a few things in need of fixing to get our sh*t together and making changes accordingly.

Similar to the feeling we used to get (or may still get) around ‘Back to School’ when we would reevaluate ourselves, define the version of ourselves we wanted to be this year, and remove/add/ adjust certain things to fall in line, Virgo is the gentle push we need right now.

Think back to January, who were you? Ok, who are you now? Or, how do you want to emerge from the ash? Personally, I have been journaling and trying to reorganize my life and prioritize my next moves so things can finally start adjusting from the chaos of 2019. So, let’s try this ritual out for size.

Grab a journal. On the first page, make a cover the says “2019- 2.0: Emerging From the Ashes.” You can adjust it however you want but keep the theme. Decorate it with moons and astrology signs, or whatever you want. On the next page, make a New Moon in Virgo wishlist. Be realistic. How do you want to improve your life? When you are done, meditate by the candle on your wishlist, and say a prayer or chant to encourage change. Continue using the journal to plan for better you, and to continue on your journey of keeping yourself on the Virgo channel.

Don’t become overwhelmed, though, as this energy should guide you, not hold you back, meditate on your goals daily.