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We have already gotten a good start on 2021 and while not everyone has dove into the numerology behind this year, we can all agree it is kicking off much better than 2020 did. This year is a very powerful one, and we should all be aware of the energies it holds.

For those who do not know, the year 2021 is a year that holds the power of 5 (2+0+2+1=5). This meaning that we are seeing a year full of change, versatility, and so much more. The more we allow the energies associated with this year to work in our lives, the further we will end up once all is said and done.

The number 5 as a whole when it comes to numerology is a number full of power. It brings about adaptability, independence, and really allows us to find the urges within to get things done. As you can already tell, that is exactly what we’ve been needing and could really help us as the months continue to roll on by. This number is very daring in nature and will have a lot of us breaking out of our shells and working towards more within our personal lives. wrote as follows going over some of what to expect from the energies this year has to offer:

Each number has its own unique character, and every calendar year holds an energy based on the numbers at play that year. Starting on the first day of 2021, everyone will feel the influence of the new Universal Year number, 5.

Because 5 is the midpoint between 1 and 9, this 5 Year is an opportunity to create a bridge toward all the possibilities in life. The number 5 also carries the energy of intelligence, making 2021 a time to open your mind and learn more about what you’re curious about, especially in the areas that give you joy.

Plan to take your time, because there will be more going on this year than you anticipated. If you maintain some order in your routine and living, you’ll have the means to experience this unexpected, fun, and adventurous energy. But be open to making some changes as well — this 5 Universal Year is a time to find new outlets for your motivation.

The 5’s energy will affect people worldwide. Important research is being done that can lead to new understanding, and exploring new horizons will be a common topic. Creating stability through the act of change is the global theme.

As you can see, this year is not one that is fooling around. It knows that we all need things to get done and will be pushing us to accomplish all that we can. With each passing day, we will grow more and more. New opportunities will come knocking the more we work to achieve things in our day-to-day lives. I, for one, am very grateful for the energies before me and have already put them to good use so far.

Yes, this is intense, and it can be overwhelming, but it is going to help us all in huge ways. We are headed for greatness and none of us want to be left behind. Put your mind to work and take the initiative that is before you.