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Chances are you’re probably tired of hearing about all the good September is bringing and more than ready for those things to begin appearing in your day to day life. If you’re not already feeling a weight lifted off your shoulders, give it a few more days, you’ll be feeling it soon.

We are off to a good start and as the 6th approaches, we have Saturn going direct. If you have been feeling down and out, this will bring you exactly what you have been needing. Once Saturn goes direct, you will begin to feel more yourself and able to move forward without that heavy energy looming over your backside.

From this point, there will be a new moon on the 9th and that will truly kickstart everything. This new moon will also mark the opening of the 9/9 gateway and give you all you need to fully implement the things that you have been needing in your life. This new moon is going to be in Virgo and because of that, it will really push you towards success.

As you go through this month you will be pushed to really take action as clarity will find you. Your mind will finally be at ease and you will be working hard and really getting through all that life throws at you. Because Mercury has been out of retrograde for a while at this point as well, you will be communicating much better with the people around you.

This month is all about bringing you where you need to be and providing you with all that you need to be able to do that. For more information on what this month might hold for you, please check out the video below. While this might be a confusing month for you, it will also be a liberating month.

Don’t let things get to your head! While you should be going forward, you should not be forcing yourself to be overwhelmed for too long. You have to remain as grounded as possible. This month will end with a full moon and through that really show you how to get the things you desire.