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As we near the end of 2019 preparing for the coming year is something we should all be doing. The year 2020 is going to be an extremely energetic year and it’s beginning is something that is going to knock our socks off.

Now, to begin things there are quite a few celestial events happening in January. On the 6th there will be an energetic shift that according to Jessica Adams will cause lots of people to meet their downfall. If you’ve been taking shortcuts in recent times you might end up being one of those people if you’re not careful. Being able to grow and positively affect this world is crucial. We should not be moving around with negative intentions.

Now, from there on the 10th there will be a full moon and this full moon will not be very forgiving. It will be in Cancer and have all of us trying to find our own personal powers. We will be more emotional and struggling with the relationships around us.

The year 2020 is going to bring out the mysterious side in all of us and for a lot of us that is going to be hard to handle. With all of these celestial events holding power over us we’re going to be feeling as if the air around us is quite heavy. The more you work with the things this universe is placing before you, the more capable you will be of actually getting things done during this time. While the end of January will not be as intense, getting there is going to prove quite complicated.

On January 12th Saturn will be conjunct Pluto which also brings forth some interesting energies. You will probably begin feeling as though you need to stop living within the bounds that this world places before you and begin trying to stand out more-so than usual. Things like this can be full of tension and in many ways hold us back if we do not address them properly.

In regards to Saturn and Pluto’s conjunction wrote as follows:

On a global level, we may expect to see big shifts in things such as governments, political boundaries, economic happenings, or far-reaching advancements in technology or thought. As with most things, we may not realize the impact of some of these shifts until much later. Hindsight is 20/20 — even in Astrology!

If you know your chart, you can check out what placements you have at 22 degrees of any Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) to see how closely this transit may affect you personally. If you have birth chart placements around 22 degrees of any Water or Earth sign, you may, in fact, find the transit to be extra helpful, since you will be receiving sextiles or trines (“flowing” aspects) from the occurrence! The best way to learn more is to get an Astrology forecast or a reading from a reputable astrologer. Finally, if you have nothing there, you may simply observe the transit affecting those around you.

Some of the more positive feedback that I’ve received from folks about these transits thus far includes the following ideas: from the Pluto influence, there’s an experience of unfolding, recombobulation, exhilaration, and deepening, while the Saturn influence is helping to refine, accept, recover, and affirm. While the January 12 conjunction between these two planets has the potential to be a very big deal, with its exact flavors and nuances to be shown to us in real-time, the overarching sense I get from the two placements, as they have shown themselves so far, is one of deepening into our simple responsibilities and realizing what is enough. Where we have too much, we will likely be asked to let go of the excess. Where we have too little, we may be asked to make sure we have enough! It seems like a pull-up-your-bootstraps and keep-your-chin up kind of moment. While also staying rooted in the practical and keeping our perspectives broadened, we’ve got to see that every moment is part of all-time, and vice versa. It’s a huge thought. One that is exercised little by little, in each moment. Stay grounded and do what’s practical. Pay your bills (on time!). Brush your teeth (and floss!). I’ll see you on the other side of this conjunction when we can share our stories of how it was.

While January might feel like a lot, it will bring you closer to where you need to be. The months of 2020 will be complicated but worth facing. You might find that while things are different and beginning to move forth in new ways they are helping you grow tremendously. This new year is going to be one well worth remembering and as we leave behind all that 2019 held we come to understand that 2020 while hard is going to be one of the best years of our lives.


Jessica Adams – January 2020