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While tons of people know what their overall zodiac sign is or their ‘sun sign’ not everyone is aware of the other signs they have. When we are born the celestial bodies are in specific places and going through different things all of this is what helps determine how we will end up being overall within reason.

If you really want to get to know yourself, you should be only looking at your daily horoscope and breaking things down about your sun sign. You should also be looking at your rising sign and things of that nature. Each one holds a different part of who you are and can really reveal a lot.

If you don’t know what your other signs are or haven’t ever heard of a natal chart before, it’s pretty simple within reason. Your natal chart is essentially your birth chart. It shows you what signs different celestial bodies were in during the time of your birth. This meaning to figure out your other signs you’re going to need your date of birth, location of birth, and your time of birth.

Once you have all three of those things you can click here to generate a natal chart. On that chart, you will see symbols for each planet and so forth. Whatever sign is beside those will represent the sign that planet or overall celestial body was present in the moment you came into this world. Each one holds a different meaning and once you know the meaning you can further dive into that aspect of each sign.

Below I am going to break down what each of your signs is going to represent for you and while some may vary this should give you some good insight. Birth charts are nowhere near as complex as some people make them out to be and understanding them is pretty within reason for most. I learned a lot about myself through diving into mine.

Your Rising Sign/Ascendant

This overall is what makes up your personality in social situations. It reflects how you look, and how others see you as a whole. It can when really looked into explain a lot and help you understand more about your image in this world.

Your Sun Sign

This one is your basic zodiac sign overall. This one is a representation of your personality. It will be one you resonate with the most because it is the one you’re most connected with. For instance, my sun sign is Gemini and I love to talk and am quite sociable as most Gemini people are.

Your Moon Sign

Your moon sign will show us a lot about your emotions and things of that nature. It is more or less your insides and who you are as a person. This is essentially the part of you that not everyone gets to see.

Your Mercury Sign

Mercury overall is a very powerful body and when diving into your chart tends to represent things like how you think or would react depending on what you’re facing. For instance, if your Mercury sign is cancer you’re probably someone who thinks more of others than yourself. All in all, this can help you really grab a hold of your mind.

Your Venus Sign

Your Venus sign is one that shows you what kind of love you tend to find or seek out. This could be good or bad depending on how you take it, but it could also help you grow the more you understand what you’re looking for. If you’re someone who looks for love in the wrong places or does too much for others you might have your Venus sign as Taurus or Cancer.

Your Mars Sign

Your Mars sign is going to likely be one of your favorites because it represents where your passions lie. It shows you what you tend to really dive into the most and put your efforts most clearly in. I know, that might sound vague but the more you look into your natal the more sense that will prove to show.

Your Jupiter Sign

This sign is one that a lot of people like to pay attention to because it relates back to luck. It reveals where in life you’re going to find the most ‘luck’ or have the most fun within. I know, that might sound a bit odd but depending on the sign it might make a lot more sense to you than you’d expect. This sign basically shows you what areas in life you’re going to naturally excel in.

Your Saturn Sign

Saturn and Karma go hand in hand, so this sign is going to be all about exactly that. If you’re wondering why certain things are happening this might be the sign you need to turn to. It could be something coming from this life or perhaps even a previous one that you’re facing in current times.

Your Uranus Sign

Uranus is the planet of innovation but when it comes to your Uranus sign you’re being offered a chance to learn more about what makes you who you are. This shows you your unique side and really helps you to understand what makes you who you are within reason. This sign is one that a lot of people turn to when they’re doing serious soul-searching.

Your Neptune Sign

Your Neptune sign is going to show you what things you may portray to others that are not necessarily true. This meaning it’s basically a face you put on to appear as you want to in this world. This sign is also a good one to pay a lot of attention to.

Your Pluto Sign

Your Pluto sign might not sound like much, but it too is quite important. This sign represents serious changes and things of that sort. It reveals the areas in which we are essentially facing the most intensity.