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According to Yahoo!Life, astrologers have been using the positions of the planets and so forth to figure out how someone or something might look for a very long time. While we know our zodiac signs hold specific traits, have you ever wondered if any of those traits might be physical? Well if you look into your other signs and take everything into consideration (this meaning your moon sign, ascendant, and so forth) you might be pleasantly surprised. 

Yahoo!Life wrote as follows breaking this down a bit:

For example, Rihanna is a Pisces. But both her moon and rising sign are Aries. She also has love planet Venus in Aries sitting right on her ascendant. Hill describes an Aries type as “lean [with] high cheekbones, an angular or narrow pointed jawline, a small, sharp and … catlike nose.” Sounds like Rih to me! To go even further, Aries is ruled by the planet Mars which is associated with the color red, and we all remember Rihanna’s red hair phase back when she released Loud in 2010. Red was also the color of the album art and many of the promo materials for her most recent album, ANTI. Though Rihanna is compassionate, humanitarian, and otherworldly in a very Piscean way, to label her appearance or personality as only Pisces would be ignoring her unmissable Aries side.

Further examples would be the beautiful round faces of celebs like Drew Barrymore, Selena Gomez, and Kate Hudson. All three of these women have Cancer placements. Cancer is ruled by the moon, and those born with prominent planets in the sign of the crab can sometimes resemble Luna herself. Of these three celebs, only Selena Gomez is a Cancer sun sign though. On the opposite end of the astrological spectrum, those with placements in one of Saturn’s signs (Capricorn and Aquarius) usually have sharper features—Saturn is the planet of rules and hard lines after all. Saturnian types are even known to prefer more tailored clothes. Aquarius-rising Zendaya is a perfect example of that chiseled, timeless beauty as is Capricorn-rising Ariana Grande with her perfectly coiffed high pony. Liv Tyler—who has both Cancer and Capricorn in her chart—has a combination of these archetypes: an oval-shaped face with strong features.

While some people think you need your whole natal chart to really dive into things and why you look the way you do or why you choose the style you do, according to Serendipity AstroLovers sometimes your sun sign is all you really need for basic things. For instance, Serendipity AstroLovers notes that Aries people tend to be quite tall and usually has nice shoulders but can also come with dark eyes and a golden skin tone. Below I am going to note some of the things Serendipity AstroLovers has said about each sign and their appearance, while these might not be all of the things you can find out through this kind of thing, they are a good start to looking through this door. 


Tall with broad shoulders

Fit and strong

Rosy cheeks


Quite attractive 

Square-shaped head

Full eyebrows

Nice complexion


Lanky with long arms

Full lips and high cheekbones

Smaller bust for the women

Smaller bright eyes

Typically, short or medium stature 


Strong jawbone

Typically, have brown hair 

Average height

Strong hands 


Tend to be quite happy overall and smile a lot 

Good skin that seems to glow

Soft silky hair 

Long waist 

Button nose 


Usually have brown hair 

Oval shaped face 

Not the best skin

Strong chin

Longer more prominent nose 




Nice legs 

Square face shape


Shorter torso than others

Powerful legs

Dark hair 

Warm lips 


Wide forehead

Nice butt

Long waist 

Lighter hair 


Flat hair

Strong facial features 

Rounded eyes 


Typically tall

Slender bodies 

Small ears 

Bright eyes


Nice posture 

Thick thighs 

Ages quickly