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Venus is now in retrograde as of October 5th. That is going to mean so much for us all and is something we all need to be aware of.

Venus is a strong and powerful planet that controls our hearts in ways most of us are not aware. Venus Retrograde is going to be lasting from the 5th until November 16th so, we are all in for quite the bumpy ride. While you might not normally focus on your romantic life, now is the time to really set yourself loose. Mars is going to be reducing our self-control and setting the stage for Venus to really take charge.

Venus does not go retrograde often and when it does, it makes sure that there is nothing holding us back. Venus is a planet that brings forth some of the most positive influences in our lives. While complex and demanding, Venus does more good than you might think.

Under this influence, we will all be feeling happier and finally taking the time to slow down a bit. Embrace all of your being, the good and the bad during this time, it will only bring you closer to where you are meant to be. During this time you need to begin thinking before you act even though it is hard. This is all part of a bigger lesson you will understand later in life.

The full moon on the 8th is only going to put Venus exactly where it needs to be. Finally at the top reining down over us all. You will be feeling more compassionate and willing to work towards something to benefit those around you. Many parts of your life will be seeing great improvement. Don’t let these energies go to waste, let them work for you.

For more information on this please feel free to check out the video below. Sure, Venus might come off as a bit intimidating but your best interest is exactly where it needs to be. Perhaps the world of love is going to do something spectacular for you.