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While we are used to hiding things and locking things away within that won’t be possible this month. Anything baggage you’ve been carrying along your journey is going to finally be let go.

As you may already be aware November is a very special month for several reasons. It holds the powers of the number 11 and is quite active in the celestial world. November is going to bring change for all of us one way or another. While it might not feel the best, these energies are going to be working in our favor.

The number 11 is a very strong one. It will be providing us with a strengthened intuition and giving us insight on things we really need to think about. This is one of the most productive of all numbers and is a master number. It will connect you to your subconscious on a deeper level.

The new moon on November 7th will bring forth a sense of forgiveness that we have been needing for quite some time. This will set the mood for us all to really apologize for the wrongs we have done. While we might not be able to change things, obsessing over them and being afraid of owning up to them is doing us no good. Once you address them and say your peace you can move on from them.

Venus will be leaving retrograde as Mercury enters it on the same day once the 16th rolls around and while those two energies will conflict with one another they will also remind us to take special care of our hearts. With Mercury being retrograde communicating isn’t going to be as easy so you will need to watch your words. Mercury retrograde loves to wreak havoc in our lives.

This whole month is going to bring forth a lot of personal growth for all of us. It will be a good point for us all to really finally stop wasting away. It will push us to actually get out there and listen to our instincts. By the time the full moon makes its way here, we will all be feeling a lot stronger. While during the full moon you might be a bit more aggressive and upset this will pass.

The full moon is set to occur on the 23rd and if you work properly with the energies it provides you will be able to moderate the way they manifest in your life. November might not be as scary as some are making it out to be. This month is going to be a relaxed but interesting one, let these energies heal you.