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There are some weird things on the internet, and honestly at first glance, I thought this was one of them. However, upon research I discovered this was not only a work of art, but also a push to think about the moments in which our brain shuts down, and darkness replaces life.

While in the comments section beneath the video, various people contemplate the video’s relation to artificial intelligence and quantum physics, the poem attached to the original video suggests something different in my eyes. However, as a piece of art, I am sure it is open to interpretation.

To me, it makes me wonder if this is what happens either when we go blind, or when our neurons switch off one by one as we die. Could it be that this is our visual memory fading right before our eyes, in the moments leading up to our death? Check out the poem, and video for yourself and let us know what you think.

Memories disappear unwitnessed.
Images gradually fade away
Until one day there is nothing left
But a vague feeling of loss…

Memories are stored in neurons and connection among them.