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As we move forth we are getting closer and closer to the great conjunction which is going to be an experience like no other energetically. Right now the portal associated is slowly making its way open and that means this week is going to be intense.

The energies before us are really working hard to help us find ourselves more properly. We’re reaching out and taking the time to focus more. While some of what we are facing might be uncomfortable right now, once this conjunction is completely present and this portal is open on the 21st we will all be in a much better mood. I for one right now am a bit closed off as a result, but I know that feeling is not going to last.

If you are energy sensitive you have probably picked up on the intensity before you and while it is a bit scary you can tell these energies are positive energies, right? We are becoming more and more impatient as time passes but not without reason. Our damages from the past are swelling within, and we will soon be forced to face them so that we can ascend further. This portal is all about awakening and this week, we will be accomplishing more and more of exactly that.

We just faced a new moon and an eclipse which will is forcing us to face the changes before us whether we want to or not and that in itself is huge. The energies left over from this will not be disappearing right now they will be sticking around for a bit, and we should be putting them to good use. As time continues to pass we will be moving into 2021 more present within than we have been for a long time.

I am sure you can feel your mental energy becoming stronger and stronger, right? This is because your body is now more adept and able to handle the things happening around you. Rather than becoming overwhelmed with the energies you’re facing, you’re allowing them to flow through you which is helping you to address the things you need to address. It’s not going to be easy but in time you will understand the things before you right now.

At the present moment taking risks and breaking out of your shell is important. You should be doing all you can to accomplish the things you want in this life. Nothing can hold you back while the energies present are here. Make the most of them while you can.

Concentrate as best you can and really work through a plan for the future. I know, it’s not something you want to do right now, but it is what you need to be doing. There are a lot of opportunities before you and if you ignore them you’re going to regret it. Times are changing, and we’re headed towards something very big.