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Our chakras are important whether you are aware of them or not. While we have a lot of them, there are 7 main ones and when they get out of balance, serious issues can come forth.

If you’re wondering whether or not your chakras are out of balance chances are they are. When they are out of balance you may become moody, irritable, exhausted, or even just uncomfortable as a whole. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that your chakras might be out of balance, if you’re noticing these signs perhaps you need to meditate to free them and work through any blockages you may be experiencing.

5 Signs You’re Experiencing Chakra Blockages:

1. Even though nothing too serious is going on, you feel like everything is falling apart.

When everything feels like it is falling apart you need to look to your chakras. Depending on which one is being affected this might only get worse unless you deal with it. More often than not your chakras bring you down when they’re out of whack.

2. You find yourself making small mistakes that really get under your skin more-so than usual.

If your chakras are not balanced you may end up being a lot more on edge than usual. You’re unable to calm yourself and it’s almost as if every effort you make to fix things put other issues further and further under your skin. Even the smallest mistakes set you off.

3. You’re getting sick out of nowhere without any real reason for it.

Your chakras can and will affect how you’re feeling as a whole. You may end up getting sick or feeling unwell in general. The longer you let your chakras stay out of whack, the worse this may end up getting.

4. You’re exhausted and going through specific body aches.

Pay close attention to what parts of your body are hurting. If it’s your throat perhaps your throat chakra needs to be unblocked. While there are other issues that can cause aches and things of that sort, your chakras also play a big role in this.

5. In general, things feel pretty off, and you can’t really figure out why.

If you don’t know why you’re feeling off looking to your chakras can make a difference. As noted above this kind of thing can make you feel unusual and not yourself. Blockages cause build-ups of energies and that in itself isn’t good. Your energies need to be flowing freely.