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While it might not be something we can prove entirely, there is no denying that some people even from birth seem to move through this world with a higher frequency than others. They are on a higher spiritual level right from the start. 

Sure, not everyone has this kind of gift but those who do are here for a reason. They are different from everyone else and that much is apparent. While this might sound silly to some if you are one of those people, you know exactly what I mean. 

These people are more intuitive, more sensitive, and so much more powerful than they might even realize. Below I am going to go over some of the things that seem to set them apart and well if the shoe fits lace it on up. You might be surprised how much more you have within than you initially let yourself grasp. 

Signs You’re Genetically A Higher Frequency Energetic Being:

1. You just know things that otherwise you’d have no knowledge of.

Sometimes it feels like there is a higher being or form speaking to you without words. It guides you through life and lets you in on things you don’t have knowledge of. While this might be a bit hard to grasp, it is something that comes and goes in waves. 

2. You are someone who naturally likes things like meditation.

Even from a young age, you knew we all needed time to ourselves. You are willing to give yourself space and know that meditation and things of that nature are important. Oftentimes you find yourself losing track of time. 

3. Your aura is quite welcoming and warm so people are attracted to you.

You find lots of people seem drawn to you. This is because of your aura. You are always able to comfort the people who need you the most.

4. You are aware of your own limits.

You know that a lot of people overdo themselves and put themselves in bad positions for that reason. As someone who is aware of that you are willing to say no and relax when needed. I know, that might sound a bit weird to those who do not hold this kind of trait but sometimes we all need to be willing to just take a step back when it’s needed.

5. Your senses seem more intense than those of others.

You’re able to pick up on things others cannot. The more you do things the more powerful this kind of thing becomes. Of course, it might be frustrating sometimes it comes in handy big time.

6. You can spot a negative or toxic person from a mile away.

You can pick up on the energies of others without much issue. You can tell who has good intentions and who does not. This really helps you out more than you want to admit.

7. You know that taking things too seriously only gets in the way.

You’re willing to slow down and relax from time to time. You know that the more we take things seriously the more overwhelmed we will become. Unlike most people, you can laugh in some of the most peculiar situations. ‘Keep your chin up’ is something you know on a deep level.

8. You care for other living beings, no matter how small.

As a caring and powerful person, you know that everyone on this planet has their place on this Earth. This goes for even the living creatures that perhaps are too small for most to notice. They are all important to this world and you are willing to take care of anyone or anything that needs you.

Now, if you don’t quite feel you align with these things, perhaps you should work to reach a higher frequency on your own. While some people are born with it, others can work to make it more present in their lives as well. No one is a lost cause in this sense. While this kind of thing has its downsides, it is a powerful tool we can all harness.