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As I am sure you assumed there is a huge difference in lightworkers and darkworkers. Which one are you?

Lightworkers are those who made a spirit contract before birth who are meant to help this world. They are driven to help the people in their lives as much as they possibly can. They promote peace and freedom all the while being completely selfless.

Darkworkers, on the other hand, are only concerned about themselves. They do not care about this world or the people in it. They work hard to gain control of things in their lives and see people as stepping stones and obstacles rather than fellow human beings. The darkworker is as selfish as they come.

When describing these two the words good and evil do not fit. They are complementary yet opposite forces. You will know early on which of these two you are whether you have a word for it or not. Lightworkers are able to sense other lightworkers and have been put here to do great things for this world.

There is no shame in being a darkworker (you can change if you really want to, you just have to put yourself to it) as we do need both in this world so don’t feel bad if you aren’t exactly selfless. You will notice there is not as much information on the web regarding darkworkers as there are far more lightworkers than darkworkers it seems. (For more information on darkworkers please click here.) Darkworkers also direct their flow of energy inward while lightworkers direct theirs outward. A darkworker eats away at the things being created by the lightworker.

What are you and how does it affect things in your life?