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Natural born witches exist and while most people dismiss them, they do a lot of good in this world. While you might not know what powers you have locked within, understanding the calling and how it affects us could be something that benefits you in the long run.

If you are a natural-born witch chances are you’ve experienced things in this world that were not easy to explain. For those who might not know much about witches, witches can be men or women. They are people who are inclined to the healing arts, and they have a unique aura around them.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that you have received the calling and are what one would refer to as a born witch. If you’ve experienced or are experiencing these things, you may be more witchy than you want to admit. Exploring this side of you might really help you understand who you are as a whole in the long run.

5 Signs you’ve Experienced ‘The Calling’:

1. Your intuitive side is much more powerful than most others.

Your intuitive side is always revealing things to you that other people have no idea of. You can sense things and often experience a lot of Deja Vu. While most people do not understand it they know that when you say you feel something in your gut everyone should trust it.

2. You’ve heard something otherworldly speaking to you on some level.

This in itself is what we tend to refer to as the calling. It is when you are spoken to by someone that is not there and seemingly guided towards the world of healing in this sense. The calling varies from person to person but overall it is typically a warm experience.

3. You almost always can tell the intentions of others.

As a born witch, you can sense the intentions of others. You are able to read auras more-so than others ever could. When someone is trying to get something over on you, you’re quick to call them out.

4. You feel very connected with nature.

You are very connected with nature. You spend a lot of time recharging on your own with the world around you. While not everyone understands this, it is something you know resonates with you.

5. Synchronicities are almost always following you.

You’re always seeing repeating numbers and picking up on meaningful coincidences. The angels surrounding you are always helping you grow. The more you progress on your journey in this world the more you are able to pick up on other things that the average person could never.