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The full moon coming up on August 3rd is going to be one that brings more change than most of the others we’ve faced so far in 2020. It is going to be a powerhouse for ascension in this area and well, the more we embrace the more we will be able to achieve spiritually as time passes. 

As you may know, this full moon will be in the sign Aquarius and with that, we will also become more flexible and perhaps more focused on perhaps even taking risks as a whole. Now, that all having been said we do need to keep in mind that Mercury will be opposite Saturn during all of this which might bring forth some negative thinking and things of that sort. If you’re trying to avoid bad news, doing so during this full moon probably won’t be very possible. 

Astrology King wrote as follows on this full moon being square Uranus and the energies that in itself holds:

Full Moon square Uranus brings unexpected change and peculiar events that can make you feel emotionally unsettled and jumpy. Unpredictable and unusual events are more likely to affect women, your family, and the general public.

Because of upsetting change, or due to an uneasy sense of impending change, you may have trouble relaxing, become easily distracted, or experience rapid mood swings, impulsive reactions, and eccentric behavior.

Moon square Uranus can also give a compulsive need for stimulation, a strong need for independence, rebelliousness, and recklessness. But this is not a good moon phase for risk-taking or making sudden changes. Making adjustments in response to changing conditions is fine, but making big changes on the spur of the moment could have unintended consequences that could lead to more chaos in your life.

The best way to handle this erratic energy is to be open-minded and flexible. This will help you use your heightened instincts and faster reflexes to your advantage. You can then quickly adapt to unexpected changes and take advantage of exciting new opportunities.

New relationships are possible and they may be with unusual people, or with people from different cultural or ethnic groups than your own. However, such new relationships may be brief or cause a backlash from close friends or family, especially your mother.

This moon is going to be one that teaches us more than we might feel ready for and while the Universe won’t bring us to things we cannot handle, that doesn’t mean we’re not in store for some kind of freak out depending on the energies each of us ends up focusing the most on. As this moon comes out to play and these energies take hold on us we may end up growing spiritually in ways we might have never expected. 

Through the lessons before us, we can become better overall and as these energies wan over the next couple of weeks, we may find that we have achieved more than we would have imagined otherwise. Staying focused on your goals during this period will be hard but is quite important moving forward. Sure, things might feel out of whack but that is all apart of ascension and really ending up where you need to be once all is said and done.