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The new moon of April is coming and will be here on the 22nd. With this we’re all feeling a bit interesting, to say the least.

While this new moon won’t be overly negative, it will for some of us bring about changes we were not expecting. Some people will end up feeling a bit more impulsive and overall we will in many ways be fighting a war within. This new moon while not as overly dangerous as our full moon will be confusing at best.

Below I am going to go over each zodiac sign and some of the things they should be expecting as these energies get closer and closer. While you should not be too concerned, being aware is very important. This new moon is going to really change a lot for each and every one of us.


This new moon for you is going to bring you to a place in your life where you’re feeling more willing to break the mold. You’re not as focused on work right now because of the things going on in the world, and you’re finally able to wind down. Perhaps as this moon comes into place you’re going to realize that you need to leave one job for another or that you’re not in the field you want to be in.


This new moon is an intense one for you. It is going to have you feeling all over the place, literally. You might be stuck at home and bored but you also feel like you’re being run ragged. This is because you’re not happy in your current personal situation, and you need to make some changes. Perhaps there is a toxic person who needs to be cut off a bit too close for comfort?


As a Gemini, you’re very excited for this new moon but also nervous. You are facing some impulsive emotions and overall are not quite sure where to go in life. The chaos before you has you all out of whack and getting things under control again is not going to be easy.


The up and coming new moon has already been affecting you on an energetic level. You’re feeling more willing to get things done and a lot more flexible on how you go about it. Right now you need to make sure you’re not cutting corners.


This new moon is going to bring you to a place in life where you are feeling as if nothing is going right. You feel like everything that can go wrong is going wrong and you don’t know what to do about it. While the changes you’re about to face are not going to be positive they are important, learn from them.


This new moon is going to weigh you down big time. You’re going to feel like the whole world is on your shoulders and well, how you handle that matters. Don’t let this weight crush you, ask for help if you need it.


The new moon we’re about to face is going to bring out the best in you for a number of reasons. You’re going to be more willing to get things done, and you’re also going to be more aware of what you want. Don’t let anything water down the determination before you.


This new moon might throw your routine out of whack. You’re going to be all over the place and confused about what needs to happen next. While things might seem one way, they are nothing as you’d expect. Start looking through the cracks in the pavement.


As a Sagittarius responsibility has never been an area you focused much on but right now you’re going to have to. This new moon is going to push you to your limits and really make you take charge. You’re about to see things change in ways you never expected and your chance to get out has passed.


This new moon is going to have you putting your all into your work life. Whether you’re trying to figure out new ways to make more money or throwing yourself into something specific it might actually pay out. Don’t let others distract you too badly. Things will work out if you’re willing to put in the effort.


This new moon is going to stretch you to your limits and then some. Don’t let the problems of others weigh too heavily on you right now. You have a lot going on and need to focus on yourself.


As a Pisces, this new moon is going to bring out your patient side. You’re going to be really taking the time to listen to the people around you for once. This is exactly what you’ve been needing.