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For those who may not know, the full moon of April is referred to as a ‘pink moon’ or ‘full pink moon.’ This moon is much different than the rest and is energetically charged in a unique manner.

The full pink moon will be visible here in the US on the night of the 29th. It will be occurring just days after the peak of the Lyrid meteor shower enhancing the energies surrounding it. During this full pink moon, things are going to come together cosmically. It will be a good time to really wake up spiritually. As these energies get closer you will feel the need to get moving and really dig deeper within.

This full pink moon is all about positivity and moving forward. You will finally be able to get work done you never thought you would be able to finish. You are going to be acting at a much faster pace than normal but productivity and efficiency will not suffer. Everything you stand for and all that makes you who you are will come into perspective one way or another.

If you have been battling anything internally expect it to finally resolve during this full moon or in the days proceeding it. While this moon will not be pink in color it will bring light pink energies. Most full moons are good at getting our emotions going but this one will be quite different.

This will still be an opportunity for you to heal but not in the same ways you have during full moons before. Write out where you want to go from here and what you wish to achieve during the full pink moon, use it to get things done. The energies it is bringing out way will be felt for weeks to come and will work wonders in our lives.

As I mentioned above this full pink moon is all about positivity and so you should not be giving power to anything negative. Let go of the past and anything holding you back, this full pink moon is going to catapult you towards something you are not expecting. For more information on what this full pink moon might hold for you check out the video below.