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Stress and anxiety is not something you can just completely avoid. Life is not easy and it can be extremely frustrating.

No one experiences the same exact kind of stress or anxiousness, but each zodiac does go through something similar to those born under each sign. Find your zodiac sign below and let us know if yours was spot on or not. I know mine is!


You let stress build up from those not pulling their own weight and this is not a good thing. You need to be letting this stress out and not carrying others along. Stop and take a break. Overworking is only going to exhaust you.


People born under this sign tend to become anxious in situations where they have to deal with failure. The Taurus works so hard and does so much that failing hurts big time. They stress enough as it is when it comes to making sure what they have done is perfect failing makes their anxiety go through the roof. If this is you, you need to remember we all have room to grow.


The Gemini cannot deal with people who are not on their level. If the Gemini has to be around someone who acts like a child and cannot hold a conversation they will get very stressed unless they can get out of the conversation quickly. The longer they have to stick around the more their blood will be boiling.


Cancers stress over their loved ones more than anything else. They worry about them all the time, and want to ensure they are safe 24/7. Stop being so nervous, you cannot be there all the time if you are needed they will call.


The Leo gets stressed the most when he or she is being ignored. Ignoring a Leo will pretty much destroy them in case you haven’t noticed. If you are a Leo that someone is ignoring, don’t get caught up in wanting them to notice you, there are plenty of other people in this world who will give you attention.


You create a lot of stress for yourself. You are your own worst critic, and nothing is ever good enough. Stop being so hard on yourself.


You are often stressed out about doing the right thing. Justice is very important to the Libra and it can be a real hold back in some instances. Sure, you often stand up for others but when it comes to injustice regarding yourself you clam up.


You get very nervous when others begin to get to know the real you. Scorpio’s are very guarded individuals and while some will open up it is a hard thing for them to do. Letting people is can be a great source of relief if you can get past the anxiety of it.


You get extremely anxious when you are being held back. Staying in one place for too long be it literally or figuratively is hell. You need to realize that all of this instability is hurting those who get close to you.


Stress hits you like a ton of bricks when you feel like you cannot do the things you want to do or have made plans to do. You get overwhelmed when you feel like you are letting yourself and others down. Get to know yourself better and set healthy boundaries with your inner self.


You are not one to jump into committing to someone. You see when it comes to committing to things you are putting yourself at risk of missing out on something else. Sure, when you find the one it will be easy, right? That’s why the idea of settling down with your partner in a very real way make you anxious. You need to get over your fear or nervousness when it comes to settling down. The only way to really do that is to jump right into it.


Those born under this sign often get nervous when it comes to public speaking or putting them in situations where they are forced to be vulnerable. Pisces don’t like to be under the control of anything but themselves. Working through this is not as hard as it may seem bit it will take some time.