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There is nothing wrong with feeling your emotions, whether you’re angry, nervous, happy, or over the top anxious those feelings are important to be aware of. That having been said if you’re letting your anxiety and your anger control you perhaps you need to work on that.

Now, on their own anxiety and anger can be frustrating but when they come together, things get extremely uncomfortable. While not everyone is aware of this anxiety and anger for many people go hand in hand. The more anxious some people feel the angrier they become. I know, that might sound weird to some but it’s worth being aware of. 

While in general, we don’t normally think of anger as a symptom of anxiety, it can be. Anxiety can in some cases turn into anger because we are unaware of how to address the things we’re going through. If we are not dealing with our anxiety it may turn into anger on a much more real level.

Psychology Today wrote as follows on the topic:

We rarely associate anger with anxiety because chronic worriers tend to be kind, polite, responsible, high-achievers, people-pleasers, and overly self-critical. Beware the conscientious exterior in yourself or others, because anger is a primary emotion underlying anxiety.

Now, if you think your anxiety could be causing you to face more anger issues than you should be facing, learning how to deal with that is important. When you feel like you’re becoming so anxious that it’s presenting itself as anger in your own mind you need to pause and try to work to better understand what you’re facing. Assessing the situation and knowing when to walk away is important. 

As someone struggling with this kind of issue you need to be able to remove yourself from the situations at hand above all else. The more you allow these emotions to run free the more of a mess you’re going to become. Keeping them in check and limiting them when needed is going to be a saving grace for you. I know, sometimes you will feel out of control but that in itself is stemming from something more.

Learning to relax more and being more mindful is going to help you make a difference in your own life. Instead of feeding into the fire and lashing out, you need to be taking breaks when they’re needed and breathing more properly. For some tips on how to better cope with this kind of thing please check out the video below. I know, it’s a lot but that doesn’t mean you cannot get it under control. Now is your chance to work towards being more aware of what is going on in your own mind.