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We come across animals a lot throughout our time here on this planet but some of these encounters are more special than others. We all have our spirit guides and guardians who follow us around as we continue in life and being able to resonate with them and the messages they are sending our way is crucial.

Because animals are extremely spiritual beings for a lot of reasons, we tend to be more drawn to those we have a deeper connection with. Whether you’re actually coming across a specific animal in your day to day life, dreaming about an encounter, or noticing one in your mind’s eye while meditating, these instances should not be ignored. When they have something to say or a divine message to deliver, they will make that message quite clear. While some people fail to see the messages being offered to them if you are open and comfortable in yourself and with your animal guide, you will be able to uncover some amazing things.

When you see an animal you feel a connection with you should ask your inner being or the animal itself what it is trying to say to you. Really dive within and grab hold of the first thing that pulls you forth. Using your intuition you can work to bring your divine message to light without words if needed. While you have to be patient during this process and open-minded, it is something we are all capable of achieving and working through properly.

In regards to animal messengers Coryelle Kramer wrote as follows:

There are however many signs and messages being sent to us every single day, and we are at times not open to receiving them.

That’s because we may be too busy being human-doings to see a lot of the signs or messages that the Creator and the animals are sending our way.

So, learning to read and intuitively interpret what they are telling us can help to answer many questions that we may be sending forth to the Creator or Universe.

On a daily basis no matter where you are living, animals messages can be found. A person does not always have to be in nature to receive messages or to see signs from animals. If for instance, you are living in a City environment, don’t worry; the animals are sending messages to you there too! It just takes tuning in a little to become open so that the messages from your guides or animals around you can flow more easily to you. It is simply a matter of paying more attention, to what is happening around to see all the guidance and signs you are receiving.

When interpreting signs from animals it is something that is done through the heart. An opening of the heart is a must if you are wanting to begin to see the signs that are being sent. During the day I do a quick and easy exercise to open my heart and mind, this can be done as often as you feel the need to.

The more you dive into the world of spirit animals the more you will begin to understand yourself and your path here in this world. If you’re seeking a specific kind of animals and unable to really figure out what message you’re being sent perhaps looking into the spiritual side of that animal in itself can help. No two animal guides are the same and a better understanding of the ones you have can and will help you grow spiritually in this world.

Have you ever noticed any animals trying to make you aware of something? I feel like this is an ordeal I’ve faced at least a few times in life and those instances are quite vivid memories in my mind even now.