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This world is full of different kinds of animals and many of them make wonderful pets but for some reason, people tend to overlook birds. There are many types of birds that can be some of the most entertaining and fun companions that including the marvelous cockatoo.

For those who do not know cockatoos, in general, can be quite vocal as other kinds of ‘pet birds’ can as well. They don’t just bark or meow like cats and dogs do. These cute critters can mimick human words and tend to say a lot of the things we say.

The cockatoo itself is a very social bird that loves to be around its humans. They are in some ways quite obsessive and always want to be out and by your side when you’re home. According to, they have even been referred to as the ‘velcro birds’ for those reasons.

This species of bird in general really stands out as they are quite beautiful. They usually have varying shades of pink, white, gray, and even black. On the ‘larger’ side of the bird family, they are nowhere near as small as a parakeet and come in 21 different types. If your cockatoo wants attention, you will definitely be aware of it.

I recently was watching some videos online and came across one that shows a cockatoo throwing a fit and it had me rolling. These interesting birds truly are so unique and as you will come to see after this video without a doubt come with interesting personalities. The cockatoo in the video below goes by the name Pebble, and she has been in a lot of videos.

Because cockatoos can live for up to 100 or so years she has had several different homes thus picking up many different things from her previous owners. She is without a doubt quite the ‘fireball’ in every sense of the word.

When told to go back into her cage Pebble made it very clear she was not ready to be put up. She dives into a slue of curse words and throws the most adorable and in some ways quite mind-blowing temper tantrums you will ever see. Be warned, if you have children around you might want to wait till they are away to click play.

Isn’t Pebble adorable? I for one think I might need a cockatoo in my life. Have you ever had a bird in your household?