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If you’re reading this you are not alone. Whether you lost your mother or father long ago or in recent times, that emptiness you are facing will get better eventually.

Losing a parent is never easy. Whether you had a great relationship with them or didn’t get to spend much time by their side, the loss that you face when someone dies that has been in your life since the very day you were born or even someone who carried you within their body for months on end is something that cannot be let go of easily. Your parents are the first people you see in this world. They taught you how to do so much and stood by your side as you grew up into the person you are today.

While they might have made mistakes, we all do, they tried their best to create a life for you that you felt was worth living, and they wouldn’t have traded you for the world. Regardless of your beliefs just know that now that your mother or father is no longer of this world, they are not fighting so hard anymore. This person who meant so much to you and still does is finally free in every sense of the word.

I am so sorry that you have to go through this and I know that it’s never going to be something you completely find peace through. Every time a holiday rolls around these wounds will be reopened and you will have to face the sting that comes with missing your mother or father (or perhaps both). You will for years to come wonder what things would be like if they had played out differently but you need to remember to not allow that wondering to take control of your life. 

Your mother or father wouldn’t want you to sit sulking over his or her death. That person who meant so much to you would want you to move on through your life celebrating that he or she had existed in the first place each day. Take pride and happiness in knowing that you were a huge part of what made life worth living for the person you’ve lost and remember that even without being here they are still with you on some level.

Don’t be afraid to lean on other family members when you’re feeling weak. We all need a little help sometimes and reminiscing over the past helps a lot more than you might think it would. You’re not the only person missing someone right now and eventually, your children will be facing what you’re facing as well. 

Life is very short, and we all need to do our best to remember those who have passed and through appreciating them properly share their stories and experiences through generations to come. If you continue to grow and share things about those who matter the most whether they’re alive or not they will always live on inside us. 

You might feel like you’re dying right now but once you’ve allowed yourself time to grieve properly it will get better. Your mother or father would not want you to pause your life and remain stuck without them. They – from wherever they are, want you to continue doing the things you love so that they can see you flourish in every sense of the word.