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For some reason, people in this day and age think that being emotional is a bad thing, that telling someone they are ‘too emotional’ is an extreme insult.

Is it really no longer okay to feel things?

People will call you over emotional for any reason they can find, they will throw the words around as if it is going to hurt you. There is nothing wrong with being sensitive please don’t let other people lie to you. Being sensitive is something to be proud of, it means you feel things deeper than others. A lot of people are lacking when it comes to their emotions, and you have something people want but cannot find.

Just because someone does not know how to appreciate your gift in the way that you do does not mean there is anything wrong with you. You were meant to go out and help people, to make a difference in this world. That is why you feel everything so deeply. If you were not meant to use this gift you would not have it in the first place, remember that.

You are happier, more loving, and going places in this world. Your life is so much more fulfilling than the lives of those wasted insensitive souls that surround you. Your relationships are not lacking and your spirit is filled. The people who waste their time trying to criticize you are nothing more than jealous. They want to be able to feel things the way that you do. They want to look at the world and feel something more.

You are optimistic and they are wastrels. Your life is richer than they could ever hope for theirs to be. The universe sees the good work that you do and rewards you. Other people see this as things being handed to you because they do not see the work that you have put in. Yes, you are too sensitive in all the right ways.

People will be uncomfortable from time to time but you have a greater purpose. You bring to light all the things that we need to know in this world and will not let others forget it. Take pride in all that you do. You are a rain cloud coming to clear away all the dust from the drought, you are needed.

You should never have to apologize for feeling something. The world is yours to take, continue on your journey and do not let anyone get in your way. You are well on your way to doing fantastic things in this life. I would choose an overly emotional person over a bland person any day. Celebrate yourself!